FAQ & Help

How does this work?

If you bought a vinyl record that came with a Ripped Wax™ digital download, you should have found a small card inside the record packaging with a code on it like this:

The download code here is “SV-AJ4KL56”. Punch this code into the text box on the home page and you’ll be given a link to download a ZIP file containing the album’s tracks.

What format are the tracks in?

The individual tracks are ripped directly from the band’s audio master into 256 kbps DRM-free MP3 tracks.  In some cases, the band might opt to encode them at an even higher bitrate. All tracks are tagged properly with their track title, album name and artist. In most cases we include the album artwork but this is also up to the band’s discretion. The entire album’s worth of MP3 tracks and artwork are combined into a single ZIP file for download.

I’m having problems with my download code

Please contact us if you’re having difficulty entering your code or redeeming your album download.

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